Why Choose Designer Dog Toys?

July 10, 2021 0 Comments

Designer dog toys are generally more expensive to the ordinary ones. But they are not priced high for nothing.

Dogs are naturally playful and active. But not all the time, their owners can play with them. They have to provide them toys to keep them busy and distracted. The best toys for dogs are those that are entertaining, engaging, safe, durable and personally appealing to your dogs.

You love your dog more than anything in the world, and you know that one of the best ways to demonstrate your love is by spoiling them a bit, so what better way to do that than with a new toy?

Of course, if you really want to show your pup that you care, a mass-produced piece of junk you grabbed off the shelf at Target or Petco simply won’t do. No, you need to buy them a truly special toy. get your dog toys from DoggieToys.Deals

If you want to spoil your dog — and you don’t care how much it costs to do so — the designer toys on this list will help you do just that.

  1. Company of Animals — Boomer Ball

At first glance, this toy may not seem to be anything special — and it may seem to be ridiculously overpriced. It’s just a large, plastic ball, after all.

However, many dogs absolutely lose their minds over these things, and they’re almost indestructible — they’re often given to polar bears to use as toys in zoos.

  1. Urban Health & Essentials — Interactive Smart Dog Toy

This interactive, bone-shaped smart toy will shake and gyrate on its own, creating unpredictable movements that will keep your dog coming back for more. It’s covered in a durable, soft plastic that can withstand chomps and bites.

Best of all, it has a companion app for your smartphone that lets you take control of the thing and even communicate with your dog through it. It’s a great way to play with your dog while you’re stuck at work.

  1. Tails in the City — Starbarks Activity Coffee House

If your dog has learned anything at all from you, it’s that the day can’t begin until after the third cup of coffee has been consumed. Now, they can join you in getting their fix with this Starbucks-themed hide-and-seek toy.

In addition to the “Starbarks Coffee House,” this toy comes with two cups of joe that fit inside. Your dog will have hours of fun trying to dig them out, and their crinkles and squeaks will be thrilling as well.

In purchasing toys, most dog owners prefer the cheaper ones thinking that they might just waste their money on something that are for short term use. Yes, but if you will analyze it thoroughly, it is more wise to buy the designer dog toys for several reasons.

First of all, toys are for long term use. The theory of the higher the price the more durable the item is applies. If you analyze if carefully, when you buy the cheaper ones, they got easily destroyed while the designer last longer. You can save more when you will go for the expensive ones.

Like in this example, dogs especially puppies love to bite. You chose to buy her a $1 dollar toy but after a few days, your pet bit it into pieces. You bought another one and then another one. Let us say, you spent $5 in two months for 5 cheap toys. Whereas, if you will buy the designer ones, it will cost you $5 for one piece but it will last longer than two months.

Secondly, expensive toys are specially designed. Makers of these toys considered many things before finally making the finished products. They conduct research and studies to continually improve the quality of their products.

These dog toys are safer to use. Because manufacturers are well informed about dogs, they are knowledgeable enough on how to come up with safe toys. They carefully designed their toys so dogs are free from harm like choking hazards, etc.

With designer dog toys, you can be rest assured that your pooch is having fun with safe-to-use toys.

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